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The AOPT-SFP-8008I (Industrial Grade) Copper SFP transceiver is high performance, cost effective module compliant with the 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and 100BASE-F standards as specified in IEEE 802.3, which supporting 100Mbps data- rate up to 100 meters reach over UTP cable. It can auto-negotiate optimal network speed, and supports 100 Mbps full duplex data-links with 3-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) signals.



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Notes: This Copper SFP transceiver features simple application in data center for managers to leverage their installed base of switches and servers equipped with SPF empty cages. The hot swappable copper solution offers the new option of on-demand purchases and flexibility for network managers to optimize capital expense. The transceiver provides standard SFP MSA compliant serial ID information, which can be read/written via the 2-wire serial CMOS EEPROM protocol and its inside PHY IC can be accessed via 2-wire serial bus.
■Supports 100Mbps Links up to 100 m ■Low Power Consumption
■IEEE 802.3u Compliant ■Access EEPROM/PHY IC via 2-wire Serial Bus
■Compact RJ-45 Connector Assembly ■Detailed Product Information in EEPROM
■Fully Metallic Enclosure for Low EMI ■+3.3V Single Power Supply
■Operating Case Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

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