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QuadRep Electronics [Taiwan] Ltd
QuadRep Electronics [Taiwan] Ltd
Welcome to QuadRep. You are the 1727 customer of our Website.
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  1.Pulse 10/100、Giga、10G/5G/2.5G LAN X’FRM Hot Part Number List(2017/11/8)
  2.QuadRep (C) will join the CIIF/Shanghai on Nov 7-Nov 11 used self-design robot with sensor and module build the demo factory automatic system for polishing and footwear processing and packaging applications(2017/11/2)
  3.QuadRep--Three axis force sensor on Robot gripper fingertip(2017/10/26)
  4.QuadRep--Line scanner to do IC packaging measurement and the reverse engineering of mechanical parts.(2017/10/25)
  5.MPD, BS-5 ,Battery holder, Design Win Example(2017/10/18)
  6.HKC +2°X - Cut Fundamental Crystal,32.768KHz, +-20PPM , 12.5 pF -20℃~+70℃ Design Win Example(2017/10/12)
  7.SANYODENKI Releases the G Proof Fan with High G-Force Tolerance 120×120×38mm and Ø172×150×51mm sizes for the first time in the industry(2017/9/28)
  8.PUI AS series Slim Line Micro Speakers(2017/9/20)