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1. Motion detection (skeleton) 2021/9/2
2. Movement tracking by AI 2021/8/17
3. Laird Thermal Systems` PowerCycling PCX Thermoelectric Coolers Enable Rapid PCR Point of Care Testing 2021/7/30
4. AI object detection and Kawasaki robot for object picking 2021/7/23
5. Laird Thermal Systems Launches PCX Thermoelectric Cooler Series to Increase Reliability of PCR Cycling 2021/7/16
6. Amphenol ICC 【New product information】Slim cool edge 10156759-000160CLF (Gold finger socket) 2021/7/9
7. Quadrep provide various solutions for 2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet application 2021/7/2

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