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QuadRep Electronics [Taiwan] Ltd
QuadRep Electronics [Taiwan] Ltd
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  1.SANYODENKI Develops the "San Ace 140L" 9LG type Long Life Fan, size 140×140×38mm、140×140×51mm, It can reach 180 thousand hours of life expectancy(2018/4/24)
  2.SANYODENKI Develops the San Ace 140W 9WL type Splash Proof Fan, size 140×140×38mm、140×140×51mm(2018/4/18)
  3.QuadRep--Robot Design Technical Transformation and Industrial Solutions provide(2018/3/21)
  4.QuadRep--modeling of sports shoe soles and calculation of glue path(2018/3/14)
  5.QuadRep--High-heeled shoes 3D modeling and glue path calculation(2018/3/6)
  6.eGraf- Graphite thermal solution to decrease CPU or high temp component & homogenize thermal to large area.(2018/2/26)
  7.QuadRep--PCBA component alignment or miss part inspection(2018/2/7)